Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Visiting the NFU

Next week I will be work shadowing in the NFU Communications Department. I am looking forward to spending a couple of days at the NFU conference in Birmingham, then visiting their headquarters at Stoneleigh. I want to find out more about what they do, the ways in which they communicate with their members and what we could be doing better at Relu. Over the course of the week I will be posting some blogs so hope you will join me then.

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  1. Good luck with this Anne! I'll be really interested to hear how they communicate with members, and whether there's any way that messages from research can feed into this. I'd be particularly interested to know to what extent there is capacity for two-way communication so that researchers can gauge reaction from farmers to their findings. Or is it best to go via publications like Farmer's Weekly (and their online forum) - do they have stats on what farmers read/listen/watch and how effective these different means of communication are?

    Following with interest...

    Mark Reed